To help you get the "HANG" of artful decorating, follow these helpful tips:

- How high or low should you hang pictures? No more than 6 to 8 inches above a piece of furniture, or at average eye level (about 5'8" to 5'10") if not above furniture. Remember to include permanent accessories such as lamps in your plan.

- Too much space between pictures disrupts the graphic effect, so use your hand width as a guide for spacing between pieces.

- Uneven number of objects are more interesting than groupings of even numbers. For example, with equal spacing between, three frames hung close together will capture interest. 

- The eye craves order, so hang pictures to form at least one horizontal and one vertical line (with the exception of around grouping). 

- Never stair-step pictures unless hanging them on a stairway wall.

Lighting tips

Calculate the amount of light needed in any room by multiplying the lenght times the withdt of the room (in feet). Then multiply that number by l.5. This gives you the number of watts required to provide ambient lighting for the room.